I’m always a bit sad when I leave.


But at the same time I’m full with energy, new inspiration, new ideas and more focused on what I wanna do. But every time I’m leaving that wonderful place called Mädan I get sad. It feels like I have to turn something of inside me when I leave. Don’t know what but anyways. I wish I could feel neutral. Don’t feel so much all the freaking time. Hehe, everyone who knows me get the picture.

I just have to keep in mind that this is my haven and I can go here as often as I can. Wish it wasn’t so far away.. But you can’t have everything right?

Sitting here on the bus makes me so tired. i can’t keep my eyes open. Been sleeping for an hours or two. Probably gonna sleep a little bit more. I love sleeping. Got five hours left so plenty of time for sleep.

So wouldn’t you wanna wake up to this via everyday?

Bye bye!




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