Recharging my batteries.


Yesterday was an awesome day. Like super awesome. Haha! Me, mom and the little ones took the car and drove into Kramfors where there were a farmers market kind of thing. I tried some kale for the first time. Been looking all over supermarkets for it, couldn’t find it anywhere. But Im happy its in season now. Bought a whole bag. Yummers! I’m gonna try juicing it when Im back home. Mom bought some to. 

Its a bit funny but I’ve introduced mom to the whole raw food thing. Showed her some youtube channels and websites for inspiration. I might do a list to post here for anyone to see. 

In the afternoon we all went to some family friends on Lappudden. We ate food and the kids ran around having a ball. At nighttime they all went in the hot tub. I wish I had known so could have brought my swimsuit. Anyways, I enjoyed the fire instead. Sat mesmerized for an hour or so until the little ones where done and we had to go home. I was so freaking tired.

So that was my saturday. Peaceful, healthy and lovely. 




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