Back in town.

No turning back. Study, study and even more studying. Its crazy study time for me these couple of months ahead. Im getting in touch with my planning skills or should i say I’m learning how to plan everything. Its all about making up tiny goals along the way. Write down the hours to study between work. I’ve already done one essay so now I’ve only have like five more to go on this new course. Then of course I’ve got the main course but that is more about the hands on skin. Like actually do the facials, pedi and mani. I’ve have my massage bench now and all the other stuff so now its time to book some clients. Who’s up for it?

Its crazy how time just flies by when your busy. Sometimes i wish that we have longer days. They’re not enough right now. So don’t be upset if I’m not posting as much as before. But hang in there cause when i do post it will probably be something interesting for you all.

So spread some joy an love people!

Be thankful for what this day has brought to you.

Love, Em.



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