It’s Tuesday baby!! Goodbye Monday. I do love Mondays sometimes but yesterday was a day of disaster. Have had worse but I feel and still feel out of balance. Like my body is just out of order. I know why. It is because I drank alot of alcohol and yes I did have a few (many..) ciggies. Yes it is deffinatly my own fault. But I mean is it supposed to be like this after three days? I’m grumpy, tired, irritated and just out of energy. Feels like I’m sick almost. Havent slept good at all. Almost feels like I’ve got a cold in my right ear.

Feel so freaking old. I’m only 23, that’s not old at all. Haha! Well time changes. I just have to get in balance now. This is not supposed to be all negative. My shoulder is getting better. That’s good!! The weekend is looking good. Farmers market and babysitting on Saturday. I’ve booked a yoga class on Sunday, finally! Been longing for it way to long.

I maybe, maybe I’m gonna get a surprrise on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hihi!

One more thing. I’ve found a raw food cafe here in Stockholm. Hallelujah!! Have t been there yet but will go there as soon as possible. It’s called Bliss cafe. Opened up in June this year I think. It’s located just next to my old workplace on Östgötagatan 77. I’m looking forward to go to that place. Hopefully this week!!


One thought on “Hello.

  1. mormor skriver:

    ang sprit och cig man kan vara utan helt, det finns många som är det och har ett fullgott liv ändå. Man måste nog bara bestämma vilket. För dig borde det vara enkelt eftersom din kropp talar om att den inte gillar det .Jag tror önskan slår in i helgen kram vi hörs


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