Over and out.

Haha, this is weird. It’s ten to seven and I’m high on sugar. I feel kind a weird. Feels like I’ve had a glas or two of wine. Hehe! Weird. Why did I eat that? Why did I just dive straight into that bag of candy? Salt licorice.. My favorite. Oh I’m gonna feel even more awful tomorrow. My own fault. Enough said about that.. No one is interested in that anyways, right?

So its friday, hallelujahs. I’m on my way home for a quick change then I’m heading over to my auntie and everyone who is there. My mom and little brother is there. Yeay!! Cozy time. Well I won’t be seeing my brother or little cousin cause they probobaly be asleep when I get there. Got stuck in front of the tv. I’m so tired and out of focus right know. Eating candy and watching stupid shit on tv instead of getting ready and doing everything that needs to be done. Argh, I hate it. Need to get my discipline back. FOCUS!!

At least it’s the weekend and I’ll probably have time to recharged with my fam. Might take a visit to the hairsaloon. In desperate need for it.

Enjoy your Friday night everyone!

Love, Em.



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