Just love.

I just love when it gets a little bit darker every night. I love to snuggle up in my sofa with a cup of herb tea. I love reading and learning new stuff about raw food, nutrition, herbs, oils and everything else that is on my road at this moment. I just love spending quality time with myself. And of course my lovely fan and friends.

Today I had some lovely and rare guest at my place. My beautiful mom and my sweet baby brother. We (mom) made some yummy potato and leek soup.  It’s cheap, delicious, fast and warming. Can’t get any better! Made some ‘balls of steel for heroes’. Hehe! Promised my brother that I would make some for him. He loves them! He even helped me make them. My mom loved them to. Hihi!

And now I’m just sitting here sipping on a cup of herb tea. Enjoying this night all by myself. Dreaming about my future. What I wanna do and so on. Just trying to be in the moment.



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