Yesterday was an awesome day. I think I’ve figured out that the weather affects me alot. I really mean alot. Yesterday was a sunny day, today as well. I’m in a really good mood. Nothing can put me down. It’s my day!

So back to yesterday. I went to the fair with Rebecka. So sad that you couldn’t stay any longer.. But anyways, I met a classmate there so we had time to catch up. It’s to bad we don’t han out more often. It’s so lovely to share everything that your going thrue with a person who is on the same road. I think we probably sat down for two hours just rambling about life, school, work and thought.

I had a wake up call. A big one. I did a lot of business connections there and while I was speaking with different people it came across me that I will be able to present myself with to work titles soon. I’m Emelie, a hairdresser and a organic skincare theraphist. How awesome is that?? At the age of 23!! Sweet! Proud of myself actually. Feel like I’ve done some pretty nice things so far in life. I have no reason to be down at all.

So today, take time to sit down over a cup of tea and send love out to universe. Think about what makes you happy. What you’ve accomplished in life and what you are thankful for. Be happy and proud!

Love, Em.




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