Allmänt, Inspiration.

A day of happiness.

20121202-102921.jpgYesterday was such an awesome day. I had one of those unbreakable happy days. It felt like I was high. High on life. It was even more awesome because I got to spend it with my best friend Rebecka. 

First of all that a day I had to drop of my raw balls at Ekotemplet. I was probably there for an hours or so chatting with everyone. Got to know the crew a bit more and chatting randomly with some of the new students. Sharing my thought and they got to share theirs. I think I could have talked for hours. Not like me but when I find something I like I just love sharing it with everyone. 

It was a bit surreal to see my own raw balls on the shelf. And of course everyone had to try so I could get some feedback. OMG, they loved them! Who wouldn’t? They all said they tasted like gingerbread dough and that was kind of my goal. I grabbed some more stuff from the shop so I can make my other raw balls for them. This time I’m gonna make the peppermint chocolate. Yummers! They will be in the store on tuesday. So go and grab a bag or two! You won’t regret it! Treats filled with love and nutrition. All guilt free! 

After that visit I got to meet up with Bextor (Rebecka). Finally we were about to eat at the only raw food cafe in this town. Café Bliss. Located on Östgötagatan 77, Stockholm. It’s tiny, cozy, relaxing and filled with love. Their food was AMAZING. The feeling after their lunch plate was unbelievable. I was full but not bloated. I was satisfied. I love that you can’t push all the food in you in five minutes. It took me like 30 minutes if not even more to eat all the food. It wash´t much food. Just like a regular dish. The flavors, combinations.. Yummers! I’m defiantly gonna go there again. If you don’t wanna have a meal then you have to try their raw balls. Or why not grab a cup of tea? Make sure to pay them a visit. Chat with the lovely man who owns the place. I haven’t met anyone more calm as a person the he is.You just have to go there.

We collected some courage after an hour or two to go outside again in the snow and freezing weather. We strolled streets after streets. Popped in to some shops. I have to tell you that I made some marvelous deals. We popped in to a Red Cross shop close to Café Bliss. I never ever find anything in second hand stores. Ever. But I manage to find two thing that I’ve been looking for for ages. A black coat.. Do you know how hard it is to find one? Really hard but know I have one and I got it for 120kr. That’s no money at all!! It looks brand new and doesn’t smell old. Thank goddess for that. Can’t stand the smell of old clothes. You know the smell in vintage stores. Yuck. Anyways that was a bargain. And when I was on my way out of the store I glanced at the window displays and saw a himalayan salt lamp. I’ve been wanting one for a long time and there it was for only 20kr. Usually they cost about 100kr so I just had to have it. There are lots of great benefits to have a salt lamp in your home. One major is that it releases negative ions. So i’ve placed mine on the Tv bench.

We had to make a quick stop at Gryningen while we where at that a side of town. And of course you can’t leave that shop empty handed. A new shampoo and unpasteurized  apple cider vinegar.

After a few more stops we finally headed home to me. I made a delicious roasted butternut pumpkin soup. Have wanted to do it for  a while but haven’t yet so it was time. I spiced it up with some cayenne pepper. Found the recipe at Green Kitchen Stories. I love that blog. Like, the best food inspiration. The photos are gorgeous. Real foodporn.

Finished the day by watching ‘Hungry for a change’. WATCH IT! 

So this was my saturday filled with happiness, bargain, love, awesome conversations and snow.




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