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Juice cleanse in december.

It is time for me to do my first juice cleanse. I’m gonna admit that I’ve cheated on myself a lot these couple of weeks. I’ve been in a fog almost. Haven’t done my juices or eaten properly like i used to. So I thought I would kick of with a juice cleanse. Just for one day. Might do it one day every week to let my body rest and refill it with extra nutrients. I’ll see when I’m finished with this day.

So far so good. I’m not craving anything and I don’t feel hungry at all. But I’ve got a massive headache and its common when you do a cleanse. I feel like sleeping so I might take a nap. My plans for today is just to be home and study. No exercise except for some easy yoga. I’m looking forward to see how I feel later today and how I’m gonna feel when I wake up tomorrow. 

20121202-133552.jpgI started the day as I always do with a glass of water with MSM (Metyl Sulfonyl Metan) in it. MSM is good for a lot of different reasons. Click here to see a video to learn what MSM is and the benefits of taking MSM.

Then I juiced the first juice (the green one) with contains only 3 red apples and 3 cups of spinach. That’s it! I’m gonna tell you that it tasted just like apple juice. Not the packed apple juice with heaps of sugar that you buy in supermarkets. No. It tastes like juiced apples. Fresh and sweet! You can hardly taste the spinach with is good.

The second juice is made of 2 oranges, 1 beet, 3 medium carrots and 1/4 bunch of flat leafed parsley. I’m not a fan of parsley at all. That’s probably a sign that I need. But actually this juice tastes good even if it contains parsley. It’s a whole lot more then the first juice and takes a lot longer to drink but it’s a good sign cause I need to eat mindfully. 



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