Allmänt, Recept

Went smoothly..



Juice number three and number four. The gorgeous orange one contains carrots, ginger and apples. the sturdy green one is filled with kale, cucumber, spinach, pears and lemon.

Can’t believe I manage to finish this cleanse. And for the record my headache is completely gone. I am starting to get minor cravings. Just for some solid foods. But I’m not hungry. Think it is because I’m tired. I’m for sure doing this again. The best is yet to come. Wonder how I’m gonna feel in the morning and how I’m gonna sleep. Probably better then mosts nights and hopefully wake up and feel light and awake. 

20121202-203031.jpgFinished the cleanse with some velvety almond milk. Flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom and a dash of agave nectar. Seriously the best ever. This cleanse was fun and inspirational. Now I want to try detoxing for two days and then build up to three, four, five all the way two forever. Haha! Not really forever but for as long as I want that detox to continue.

So know time for some Pukka Cleanse herbal tea before bed. School tomorrow and I’m extra excited because the course for tomorrow is nutrition study. Whoop whoop!




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