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What’s gonna happen the 12/21/2012?

People are talking, people are wondering, people are scared, most people don’t even care. I’m gonna be honest.. I believe that somethings going to change, not sure what but something is about to happen. Doesn’t have to be a physical thing like the world is going under. In fact I don’t believe that at all.

It’s been a weird time this last couples of months. It’s been hectic, stressful and a lot of intense energies around us. Don’t you agree? So there is something lurking under the surface. So is there something that builds up until the 21st? 

I was flipping thru on YouTube and found this film.

Haven’t watch all of it yet (it’s a long one guys, 1 hour and 44 minutes long) but I am going to as soon as I’m done with my other studies. It’s a really interesting documentary. The movie connect different stories, religions and so on.  If you’re not interested in New Age things then this might be too much but I’ll tell you that it’s worth watching. WATCH it! You get a lot out of it. It connects the dots. At least for me. I wasn’t worried before and I’m definite not worried now.  



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