Allmänt, Fjärde trimestern


Jag älskar då astrologi. Har alltid gjort och kommer altid göra. Vi pratar då inte horoskopen som står i dagens Metro tidning utan mer specifikt astrologi. Hur planeterna stod på himlavalvet den minut du föddes. Jag har solen (det är alltså ditt horoskoptecken, den månad du är född i osv.) i Kräftan, har månen i Skytten och även Skytten som acendent. Sen Venus i Lejonet osv. Det är en helt fantastisk värld att upptäcka. För att göra det lätt för sig så kan man om man bor i Stockholm gå förbi Vattumanen Bokhandel och köpa en hel rapport. Spana in här. Jag fick det i julklapp julen 2007 om jag inte minns fel. Baserat på det datum jag var född, klockslag och plats så kunde dom få fram en massa intressanta saker. Dom prickade rätt på relation till min pappa och mamma. Hur kunde dom det?! Ja sen den dagen så ville jag veta mer. Har massor av olika böcker men nu har jag inte direkt tiden att läsa om sådant med vår lilla skatt. Men det hindrar mig inte att snubbla över bra hemsidor rörande ämnet. Som denna:


Hittade den för inte så längesen då jag ville läsa lite om Skorpionbebisar. Elis är ju en liten charmig Skorpion. Där kunde jag läsa lite generella saker kring Skorpionbebisar, som detta:

”Scorpio babies are quite the firecrackers, born with tons of talent, and attitude to match.  Brooding and intense one minute, smiling irresistibly the next, they’ll have you wrapped around their tiny little fingers. They tend to be introverts, so don’t be surprised if your Scorpio prefers to play alone for hours or only enjoys the company of one favorite friend or sibling. They are deeply sensitive but tend to hold in their feelings. If your Scorpio is being excessively quiet (or giving you the silent treatment), sit down for a judgment-free talk and let your kid tell you what’s going on. They can be remarkably intuitive, and you may just learn something new about yourself in the process!”

Dom ger även tips på saker att göra kring lekstunder och utveckling:

  • This sign is especially talented in the arts or music. Start them young with toy instruments and craft sets and they’ll entertain themselves for hours.
  • They love to compete, so enter them in contests where they can shine as individuals.
  • As the sign that rules transformation, many Scorpios love having an alter ego. Give them lots of dress-up clothes so they can go into costume. You may be shocked at how well they can emulate their favorite TV character or copy an accent. If you want to teach them a foreign language, they’ll pick up on it quickly at a young age.
  • Girl Scorpios are fashionistas, and can be a bit fussy about playing games where they might get their pretty little outfits all dirty.
  • As a water sign, they’ll prefer aquatic sports like swimming, diving and boating. Sign them up for swimming lessons early.
  • Highly intuitive, Scorpios are easily affected by other people’s energy. Don’t force them to play team sports or be a part of playgroups if they protest. They are particular and will friends on their own.


Även tips till oss föräldrar:

  • Give them some one-on-one time. Scorpios have a jealous streak, so if they feel ignored or think another sibling is being favored they are sure to act out. One caveat: these kids can be clever and cunning; don’t get manipulated into favoring THEM!
  • Scorpios have incredible memories and will recall every slight and fight from their childhood. Keep the home environment as calm and stable as possible to avoid spending a fortune on therapy when they are teens.
  • Reward them for sharing. Scorpios can be incredibly possessive at times, to the point where you might hear them saying “mine!” a little too often. As early as possible, teach them the power of paying it forward. Praise them each time they are giving with siblings and peers. Like Scorpio Bill Gates, they could learn to channel their fortunes into a good cause one day.
  • Scorpios like having “favorites”: favorite toys, foods, friends, etc. Learning their favorites is a good idea if you want to have an easy time keeping them occupied (the babies can spend hours fixating on a musical mobile above their cribs). Note: this sign can become obsessive, so you may need to nudge them to try new things.


Man ska ju ta det lite med nypa salt men tycker att det stämmer so far. Och tipsen känns ganska självklara ändå! Vill läsa in mer om dettaoch dom har en bok som dessa AstroTwins har gett ut som heter just Momstrology där det står mer utförligt. Vill ha, vill ha, VILL HA!

På hemsidan där kan man också läsa lite om hur ens eget stjärntecken är som mamma. Intressant!! Så vad säger dom om mig som är Kräfta?

Mommy Magic: Your Strengths & Gifts

Maternal Instinct

Cancer rules the zodiac’s fourth house of motherhood, so you’re a natural nurturer. You loved being pregnant, coo over every infant, and are the first to buy gifts on your friends’ baby registries. Family is everything to you, and you’re not shy about showing it. You picked out baby names in grade school, and probably nurtured a pet, a doll or babysitting clients from a young age. Cancer rules the chest, so breastfeeding may have been a cherished bonding experience you hated giving up (hello, La Leche League president). Holidays, family reunions, showers—you’re in your element, hosting them, baking, cooking, and planning. You’re the mom who actually prints and frames all those digital photos or makes bound books every Christmas, while the rest of us guiltily leave them on our hard drives. (Way to make the rest of us feel like slackers, Crab.) This sentimental side is the glue that holds your family together, and gives your kids the security that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what.


Early childhood development is your specialty, whether you have a degree in it or not. You’re delighted by the things kids do, and you respect their feelings—something few adults can claim. Our grandmother Sophie, a Cancer, used to spread huge sheets over her fancy furniture and let us run amok with crayons and scissors. We grew up confident in our creativity as a result. That’s your magic touch, Cancer—the love and attention you give to your children’s unique gifts. Because children are so emotional, you’re able to intuit when yours need a hug, some encouragement, or a little direction. You might just be the mom that your children’s friends confide in, the one who takes in the neighbor teen when he’s fighting with his parents. You’ve got a soft spot for misunderstood children, because you were probably one yourself. The Beatles said it, and you live by it: all you need is love.

Mama Mia! Your Challenges & Issues


Toddlers & Tiaras? A Facebook account at age 10? Hell to the no! You want your kids to be shielded from the big, bad outside world that tempts them to grow up too soon. Who wouldn’t? That’s a noble value, Cancer. But there’s a thin line between caring and coddling at a certain point. Knowing when to cut the cord can be hard for you, because you’re a natural worrier who projects your own feelings onto your kids. Remind yourself: they’re more resilient than you think! You also tend to wear “mommy goggles,” filtering out some of Junior’s bad habits and traits. Be careful, because you could end up with a spoiled diva, a clingy mama’s boy or an entitled prince on your hands. It’s important that children learn boundaries and discipline—in fact, it’s part of loving them. So as much as it breaks your heart to call them out on their s***, it’s healthy for them. Don’t turn a blind eye to their behavioral lapses, because that’s actually the time that they need you—and your compassionate guidance—the most.

Mood Swings

Alert! Your emotions change colors faster than a mood ring. You can burst into tears, fly into a rage, sink into a funk, and bounce off the walls with excitement—all in a single day’s time. Unfortunately, when you have an infant, toddler or teen doing the same thing, all those unregulated mood swings can create sheer chaos. Lean on a posse of supportive women, a therapist, or your own mom when the going gets tough. You were born without an emotional filter, so you’re never going to be able to shut off your feelings. Just learn the proper way to channel them so your kids don’t get taken along for the rollercoaster ride, which can be scary and unsettling. Same goes for fighting with your partner in their earshot, or even trying to recruit them when you’re fighting with daddy. It’s YOUR job to protect them, not vice-versa.

Spana in och kolla ni med. Sjukt kul om ni är som jag nyfikna på detta. Dom har veckohoroskop och dagliga horoskop plus en massa mer. Nu ska jag kolla in hur jag får tag på boken på smidigaste sättet. 



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