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Looking back at my year..

The new year is just around the corner. I’m longing for it. It is filled with new exciting things. But before it begins we all have to think back and remember what we have done this year. What a year. Having this blog is such an amazing thing. It makes it so easy to remember. I had so much fun going back all a the way to january. I’ve done a few big changes in life. Looking back make me realize that I’ve grown as a person. I advise you all to do the same. So here is my year month by month:

JanuaryI kicked of the new year with work, work and work. I did have an awesome New Years Eve. Celebrated with my beloved friends. Had a laugh and stayed up late. Who doesn’t on new years eve anyway.. I remember being really confused about what to do in life. Had been that way since I got back from Australia but this time was even worse. What was i suppose to do? Study? Travel? So I mainly focused on training. One of my new years resolution. I remember being in love with Pilates. 


FebruaryThis month I went from being lost in my life to suddenly over a night apply to be an organic skincare therapist at the Axelssons Gymnastic Institute. Or at least it felt like it went that fast. I went to a talk about the education and after that I just had to get in. A few days later I applied. Finally I knew a little bit more on what to do with my life. This is also the month when I decided to quit smoking. Being as emotional as I am the quitting made me more of an emotional wreck at times. But I knew I just had to ride along with it. So first I could manage a weekend. Then I manage a week and suddenly march came.


March – This was the month when my education started. I was so nervous, anxious and excited. after the first week I knew that I´d made the right decision. This was it! I had so much inspiration and energy. It totally changed my view on life in general. I had something to look forward to. But along with all the new things my motivation to go an train was all gone sadly.. But I started to change my food habits and the non smoking me was at least on the right path. 


April – All in all this was a happy month. It was time for my favorite fair. A new age fair. Just in time when I needed it the most. Growing up isn´t easy, that is one thing to remember. But with easter coming just around the corner i decided to hop on a bus up to my mom. That trip made me fall in love with Nordingrå. I started to appreciate that place so much. The nature is just unbelievable! Spring, summer, fall, winter.. All the seasons are incredible up here. Magical! So I actually came up twice this month. At the end of the month everything felt like it should. I was so proud of myself for not having a single cigarette.


MayThis was the month when I posted the mosts posts ever this year. 57 to be exact. Busy month or what? I remember that this month was like a roller-coaster of emotions. Having had such an amazing month before made this months lowdowns harsh. Feelings I´d been pushing away finally got a grip on me. I started to grief a lot over my beloved little angel Harry who passed away tragically september 2011. At the same time I got myself a major crush on Rasmus Seebachs music to cope with all of those emotions. His music made me happier at times. And in all of that I just suddenly lost my own voice. Literally. It changed. I remember my friends, family and even the kids at work laughing at me for sounding so different. Even though it was a rough month I ended it with a big happy freaking moment. I finally booked a flight back to Australia. OMG!


JuneRAIN, RAIN and even more RAIN. Was it really june or was is october? So to spice it up I just had to get a new haircut. Love that feeling! And that got me in a really good mood along with the best feeling ever. Knowing that your going to a new place. OK, not new but to your favorite place in the world. That feeling is awesome.  I remember that i couldn’t stop talking about it. i was literally jumping up and down. I was so pumped. But then even more rain came and my lovely cousin came home for her yearly home visit from Thailand. The worst midsummer came along. Well it turned out just fine but not what I´d planned. A friendship faded when others grew stronger and all of a sudden I was on my way to Aussieland. 


JulyI couldn’t believe it. I was there. I was back. Everything looked the same as it had two years back. Was I dreaming? I had so much fun! I finally got to have my closure with that place. I met new friends, old friends, the family, traveled to new places and did a hell of a soul searching. This country is amazing. Even during winter.. Blue mountains, Melbourne, Manly, Sydney, Cronulla… Oh, just in time for my birthday the cute and talented Justin Bieber came to town. The whole country had Bieber fever. I just couldn’t miss out on the hysteria. I was smitten!


August – Swag came in to my vocabulary and I had a lot of studying to do so the blog was a bit left behind. Life came in between. Had to catch up with people and things after being away for almost the whole summer. I started work again, started a new distance course and got myself new obsessions. Yoga, Bieber, juicing, Pinterest and watching choreographs on YouTube. Have I mentioned Ian Eastwood enough times?


September – I started this month with a visit to the ER. Had gotten myself an bursitis infection in my right shoulder. Fun.. That pain was awful. I couldn’t lift my right arm. Such a weird feeling. Painful. Little did I know then that I was about to struggle with this the whole freaking fall. I still am time to time. Especially when I get stressed. In all of this I got more focused on my studies, raw food and just getting well.


October – Fall was finally here. Oh, I just love that time. All the color! But this was a difficult month. Struggling with the shoulder pain, studies, low downs and other stuff made me wanna stay home alone. i pushed myself to go out and meet friends and boy did I have fun when I did but then afterwards I felt exhausted. A struggling month. i wanted to do so much and had no energy. The first snow came and along with that I regained my energy at the end of the month. Just pin time of weekend marathons of fairs. 


NovemberNew age fair, Health fair, yoga dance festival, Swedish House Mafia and fotballgame all in the same month. What happened? October was dead compared to this. This was for sure one of the busiest months this year. This one went by so fast. No sleep at all! But boy did I have fun. BIG TIME! I then finally got an appointment with a physiotherapist for my shoulder. Thank goddess. I founded my company. Scary! Wihoou! And i started to sell my raw food balls at Ekotemplet. How did I survive this month?


December – The last month of the year. How quick can a year pass by? This month was all planned out. I was making lists of what I had to squeeze in between work. I studied like a freak for my exam in Physiology. I still don´t know the test results.. It’s a bit nerve-wracking. Did I pass or not? I remember that I just had to break lose from all the stress and plans to have some fun. I went out with my colleuges and had so much fun. I deserved it! And after that I made myself have a juice cleanse day. The first but not my last. Then the holiday came and here I am. Up north relaxing with my family. Spending quality time. 


This was my year. Have you thought about yours? How has it been? What will you remember most? What stands out for you? What have you learned? Where have you been? What will you take with you into 2013?

Allmänt, Australia

No words left.

I’ll be back. Don’t you worry at all. Älskar bilden Amy har hemma hos sig på henne och Anna. That just makes me smile. 

Kunde inte ha önskat för ett bättre väder idag. Solen gassar för fulla muggar. LOVE! En obligatorisk juice på ”Barefoot on the beach”. Mhm! Laddade upp vitraminförrådet.

Allmänt, Australia

Three, two, swag!

OPÁ!! Haha! What just happened? These last few days have been awesome. They just flew by. Swoop.

Kan inte förstå att nu är det faktiskt dags för mig att packa allt och dra mig hem. Dags att flyga två grovt långa flygningar för att komma hem. Bläh. Men om jag ser tillbaka på resan så är det värt långflygningar. 

Dessa dagar då det har ekat tomt här på bloggen har jag faktiskt träffat familjen. Eller jag två från familjen jag jobbade för. Är otroligt glad att jag faktiskt tog tag i saken och åkte och träffade dom. Det var både lätt och jobbigt på en och samma gång. Känner inte direkt för att skriva om det här men såhär i efterhand känns det skönt.

Sen har det varit ett massa festande. Japp. Lite för mycket vissa gånger. Men det är ju semester, ledigheter och allt annat. Det tillhör med andra ord. Vi var inne i stan i förrgår då vi såg Magic Mike. OMG! Världens sämsta script men oj så grymma danser. Mhm! You just wait and see! Så efter bion drog vi ut till Sidebar för att kolla in bandet. Hoppades på att det var samma band som förut. Mm, jo till visso var det så. En av killarna som spelade för två år sedan var faktiskt kvar. Det va kul att ha satt sin fot där ännu en gång även fast det var totalt dött. Kolla själva.

I går kväll hade vi en mysig tjejkväll här hemma hos Anna. Katarina, Amy och Elin kom över och vi hade verkligen en klassisk svensk tjejkväll. Tacos, kladdkaka och coca cola. Haha! Jag kan säga att jag åt upp mig inför flygningen. Haha! Så jäkla gott, speciellt när man är bakis.

Nu ska jag bara njuta av dessa få timmar jag har kvar. Solen skiner. Jag undrar lite smått varför jag ska lämna detta land…

Allmänt, Australia

Min egna födelsedagspresent.

Denna lila fina klocka har jag köpt till mig själv i födelsedagspresent. Kände att det var dags att ha en riktig klocka. Den är sådär perfekt! Inte för stort ur och inte för liten heller. Perfekt! Jag har letat och letat men inte hittat någon som riktigt faller mig i smaken. Det har alltid funnits något som varit fel. Typ fel urtavla, fel bredd på armbandet, fel funktioner osv. men när jag hittade denna inne på M!MCO i Melbourne blev jag kär. Kunde inte hitta ett ända fel med den. Jag kan säga att det sved ganska skönt i plånboken men väl värt det. Ser det som en investering! Man behöver alltid en klassisk klocka, eller hur?


Allmänt, Australia


Denna vy. Denna strand. Hade det varit sommar och varmt hade jag spenderat varenda minut på denna strand. Jag kommer sakna att ha stranden 5 min ifrån. Var kan jag hitta detta hemma i Sverige? Skåne kanske. Nej, när jag blir stor ska jag bo vid havet. Havet och jag går hand i hand. Gärna med en palm eller två. Vem vet, en vacker dag bor jag vid en strand!


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OMG! Whales!

Oh, yeah baby! I’ve seen them up close. My god! 

Jag och Anna drog in till Circular Qauy tidigt i morse. Hoppade på en båt som tog oss ut från Sydneys hamn. Snacka om att vi hade tur med vädret. Vackert, soligt och inte alls så blåsigt som det varit dem senaste dagarna. Perfekt, inte så vingligt ute till havs med andra ord. Jag kan säga att det var vingligt ändå men det hade varit värre med blåst. Men det blev som bortblåst när vi såg dom första valarna. Åh! Maffigt! Det var inte ens någon ide att ta kort då dom mestadels bara är uppe några sekunder. Så jag bestämde mig för att filma dom istället. Smart va? Här är en video på två fina Humpback whales. 

Folk vart som galna när dom kom upp. Jag med, kanske inte lika galen som alla andra. Jag är ju trots allt svensk. Men nog om det. Valarna visade sig flera gånger. Till och med en delfin kom och hoppade lite. Jag han dock inte se den, väldigt besviken. Men jag han se stänket, likaså Anna. Det var magisk med solen som reflekterade i vattnet och ja en underbar horisont. Med 5-10min vila kom dom upp. Två olika stammar. Värt varenda öre! Tänk att jag har sett vilda pingviner och vilda valar, the best holiday ever!