Allmänt, Ekologisk hudvård.

Sundays now.

It seems like every sunday these last couple of months have been my study days sort of. It’s no wrong with that. Especially not when it’s with a classmate. 

So I went to Anna’s place after my sleep in this morning. We can literally talk for hours. As I wrote in an other post a month ago. It’s so fun having with her. This time I helped her with her presentation about herself and about what organic skincare is. She going to start to work at a place i January every Saturday. Why haven’t I looked into that yet? It is really good to keep contact between every school period. Spending a day at Anna and talking about the future and starting a business made me realize that I need to start know. It’s now or never, kinda..

It’s just that I wish I could get rid of that little monster called perfectionist in me that messes up everything. I just need to remind myself that every business has to start somewhere…